Covid-19 Update

We are still fully operational. 

For customers requiring the ISO for our Antimicrobial Products, you can find a copy below.

ISO22196 Antimicrobial


Evohold is a trade only store selling to trade resellers all over the world.

If you’d like to join our family of reseller partners register here, remember we don’t sell direct so we’re always your supplier NEVER your competition.

ID Card Holders

The most popular ID Accessory - Made in the UK.


Recycled PET Lanyards. Why would you choose anything else?

Badge Clips

A popular choice if not using Lanyards


For when you need to swipe or touch in with your ID.

Flexible Wallets

Ideal for Visitor Passes

The Evohold Recycling Scheme is the best way to help save the environment, we take back all of your unwanted, used and broken ID Accessories and equipment. Including Printers, Ribbons, Lanyards, Holders and Accessories.

We separate, clean and recycle them into new products.  The ultimate way of complying with GDPR and being Eco-Friendly.

What’s more if it was made by us in the first place, you’ll have helped with the worlds first “Closed Loop” ID Recycling scheme.

The Worlds Toughest ID Card Printers

Dascom DC-3300

One of the world toughest ID card Printers, print speeds of 220 Cards per hour, single and double sided available.

Dascom DC-7600

High Quality professional retransfer printer for outstanding card quality, used by ID bureaus all over the world.


Ideal for direct shipping to your customers


Saving you money and environmental impact.


Most products made by us in the North West of the UK

Biodegradable Holders Statement

We have now stopped production of Biodegradable Holders, read the full statement here.