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No matter where you are in the world we have a partner that can supply you with our products, we don't sell direct to end users.

If you would like us to pass your details over to your closest reseller let us know.

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Lanyards that colour match our Holders and reels.


Our lanyards have been colour matched to our holders. They are made from Recycled Pet (RpET), which means they were originally either lanyards before or more probably drinks bottles. They have been cleaned ground up and made into new lanyards.

ID Accessories


The Evohold Recycling Scheme is the best way to help save the environment, we take back all of your unwanted, used and broken ID Accessories and equipment. Including Printers, ribbons, lanyards, Holders and Accessories.


We separate, clean and recycle them into new products.  The ultimate way of complying with GDRP and being Eco Friendly.


What’s more if it was made by us in the first place, you’ll have helped with the worlds first “Closed Loop” ID Recycling scheme.

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UK Made ID Card Holders

Our range of ID card Holders are made by us right here in the UK, no more shipping accross the world and paying too much in money and Environmental cost.

  • Made in the UK

  • Made using recycled plastic

  • Fully recyclable products and packaging

  • BPA Free

  • 15 standard vibrant colours

  • Unlimited cusom bespoke colours

  • Available only from the Best ID resellers.

Evohold Recyling Scheme


Card Printers



Direct Thermal for heavy duty

Direct thermal printing technique is developped by making use of based on sublimation dye ribbon. When the ribbon and card pass through the print head, the head heats the dye on the ribbon. The dye will subsequently permeate to the card surface and produce color print. This type of printing produces high resolution clarity and is ideally suited for applications where photos or portrait-like quality is important.


Fast and reliable

Retransfer print technology is the next level of Direct-to-Card technology. First, the image is printed on a film, then the image is transferred from film to the card. This technique is suitable for edge-to-edge printing, heavy duty printing, improves reliability and thus suitable for a large variety of card types.

Evohold are known throughout the industry for their great products at unbeatable prices, so it made sense to team up with Dascom, to bring the Dascom Range of printers to the UK market.