Biodegradable Statement

Evohold has stopped production of its “Biodegradable” ID Hard holder range, to become more Eco-friendly.

Evohold the leading ID Accessories manufacturer based in the UK, is to stop production of its Biodegradable ID Card Holders.

A few years ago, well before the “war on plastics” we launched our Biodegradable ID Card Holders, since then there have been lots of studies into how affective the Oxo-degradable additive is (That’s the additive put in to standard plastic to enable degradation). One study suggests that it doesn’t actually degrade the plastic, only the additive. Another says that it would encourage littering. We do know that the Co2 emissions are greater as you would need to use new plastic every time to make the Biodegradable Holders.

Oxo-degradable additives are designed to be used in plastic film, for items like carrier bags and agricultural silage wrap. In the past few months the EU have discussed possibly banning the additive. Some EU members have already restricted the use of it.

Nestlé, Unilever & PepsiCo have already banned using Oxo-degradable Plastic Packaging.

All Oxo-Degradable (Biodegradable) products should be placed in the general waste bin, not the Recycling bin as they would contaminate the recycling stream. They also cannot go into the garden waste bin as they will not compost.  Oxo-degradable additives need sunlight and oxygen to start the degrading process.

We want to be sure we are not having a negative impact on our planet, a more earth friendly option must be found, that’s actually better for the environment and reduces Co2 emissions. Not just a “marketing scheme”

That’s why we have launched the “Evohold Recycling Scheme” where all ID accessories, printers and ribbons, can be sent back to Evohold, for recycling. What’s better is that if the products are made by Evohold in the first place it will be part of the worlds first, closed loop ID recycling scheme.  You can just put them into your standard recycling bin too, as they are made using Polypropylene one of the most common plastics.

We strongly believe Evohold Recyclable ID card holders, are more eco-friendly than any Biodegradable brand.

What about other brands of ID card holders that claim to be Biodegradable?

Evohold do not make any other brand of ID accessories.

We would suggest you ask your supplier to see the technical data sheet, and evidence that would confirm the claims they are making.

So what is best for the environment, when it comes to plastic?

We believe that recycling is the best environmentally friendly option for plastic, and encourage people to recycle plastic items rather than just discarding them in to landfill, whether they are ID Related or not.

Sending ID products to us, to make in to new products can reduce, Co2 emissions by 74% and Eco Indicator savings of 82%. Compared to Virgin plastic that’s used in some of the other Biodegradable brands out there.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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